Estanbul - İstanbul - Stambul - İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

The city of Istanbul has been known through the ages under a large number of different names.

Besides its modern Turkish name, the most notable are Byzantium, Constantinople and Stamboul, but there are also others. Each of them is associated with different phases of its history and with different languages.

Estanbul is one of these names.

Estanbul is an old city, you can see the remains of many ancient civilizations and their culture in harmony with Turkish culture. Ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly all co-exist here.

The city is full of contrasts, and colorful views.

- The only city in the world to straddle two continents

- Built on seven hills on Asia and Europe

- A Capital during two consecutive empires - Christian and Islamic

- Lively and exciting

That is Estanbul

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